Transportation Preparation for Eid Traffic Already 90%: Transportation Minister

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 26 Mei 2018
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Minister of Transportation checks mode of transportation

Minister of Transportation checks mode of transportation

Ahead of this year’s Eid Day, preparation related to transportation matters for mudik (annual homebound exodus) season has reached 90 percent, according to Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi in Jakarta, Friday (25/5).

“The preparation regarding transportation matters has reached 90 percent. We also have conducted a small research about the preference of people who will make mudik trip, ” the Minister said.

Budi also explained that media plays an important role by providing reliable information for the public, especially the recommendation to not use motorcycles for the trip. “Let us work together to inform the public. The media plays an important role, especially to recommend the public to not use motorcycle to avoid massive accidents,” said the Minister.

For mudik trip, Budi also encouraged people to choose safe transportation modes and use both toll roads and national roads. “For those who want to travel by bus, passengers can rest assured that there is a sticker indicating that the bus has passed the technical inspection and feasibility test. And for the travelers who will use the land route, I recommend to also use (non-toll) national roads in order to avoid vehicles build-up on the highways,” Budi said.

Furthermore, Budi added that he has made a list of traffic-prone areas; thus, to anticipate this, he has informed the public to choose the right day to make the trip. “We’ve mapped the areas and they are similar to those of last year. The most traffic-prone areas are Cipali (Cikopo-Palimanan) Toll Road and new Merak Port. Therefore we make a mapping of public preference—on which day most public will travel. We suggest the public to travel five or six days before the D-Day. This is also the role of media to inform it,” Budi further explained.

At the end of his statement, Budi also advised travelers to well prepare the mudik trip and choose suitable transportation modes. “We hope the public can make good physical and vehicle preparation. Let us use transportation recommended by the Government for a safe and secure mudik trip for all,” the Minister concluded. (Communication and Public Information Bureau/EN) (STU/EP/Naster)

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