Vice President Encourages Mainstreaming Innovation to Promote National Independence

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation
Date 10 Agustus 2020
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The 25th National Technology Awakening Day commemoration flyer. (Source: Ministry of Research and Technology/National Agency for Research and Innovation)

The Research, Development, Assessment, and Application (Litbangjirap) should lead in innovation to promote the nation’s independence by strengthening domestic innovation, buying and being proud of Indonesian products, and using local ingredients, the Indonesian Vice President Ma’ruf Amin said.

“Litbangjirap is the main component of the Domestic Component Level (TKDN) calculation, innovation and creativity that are included in the TKDN calculation,” the Vice President said at the 25th National Technology Awakening Day (HAKTEKNAS) via teleconference, Monday (10/8).

The key to success is to continue to improve and intensify the collaboration of R&D institutes. Increased collaboration between central government R & D institutions, local governments, private – industrial R & D, and community R & D is essential, especially the collaboration of researchers (lecturers/students) in tertiary institutions with research and development institutions of Ministries/Institutions. Research and Technology/National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) coordination, which has started to run well and shows results, must be continuously improved.

This is also done in efforts to develop and implement appropriate technology according to regional potentials supported by an increase in budgets for R&D from various sources.

Ma’ruf also invited all to make innovation the main movement for solutions and economic transformation towards the 2045 vision. His take on the current Covid-19 pandemic, the Vice President expressed hope that Ministry of Research and Technology/BRIN together with ministries, R & D institutions, and other R&D units will focus on the future for nation readiness and resilience in the face of various pandemics and other tropical diseases, independence of medical devices and medicines, especially modern Indonesian medicines, as well as other domestic products, sustainable livelihood development, among others in relation to climate change, new and renewable energy, and the digital economy (including artificial intelligence).

On the occasion, Minister of Research and Technology/BRIN Bambang Brodjonegoro mentioned the nation’s achievements such as the Gatotkaca N250 Airplane which became a symbol of technological revival. Furthermore, the Minister also listed other monumental achievements, among others:

  1. Transportation Sector (Electric Railway in 2001 and LIPI electric vehicle conversion system prototype in 2005, Landing Platform Dock – PLD in 2008, GESITS Electric Scooter Vehicle in 2016, Flat Plate Ship Technology in 2017, Nurtanio Aircraft in 2017);
  2. National Defense Sector (PUNA -Unmanned Aircraft in 1989, APS-3 Anoa Armored Vehicle in 2006, InaTEWS – Indonesia Tsunami Early Warning System in 2006, LAPAN-Tubsat Satellite in 2007, Indonesia Sea Radar – ISRA in 2008, RX 100 rocket in 2009, LAPAN A2 in 2010, PUNA MALE in 2019);
  3. Computing, Energy, and Food Sector (Bestari superior rice in 2008, WIMAX Xirka Chipset in 2009, Pandansimo Hybrid Power Plant in 2012, 28 superior seed varieties (20 rice, 6 soybeans, 1 green bean, and 1 cotton in 2013), Merah Putih Gamma Irradiator in 2017, Merah Putih Catalyst in 2019, Industrial Salt in 2019);
  4. Health Sector (First export of Bio Farma vaccine in 1997, Stemcell in 2017, Rapid Diagnostics Test Kit RI-GHA19, PCR Test Kit, COVENT-20, BPPT3S-LEN, GERLIP HFNC-01, Vent-I Origin, DHARCOV-23S Ventilators, RAISA Healthcare Robot, Mobile Lab BSL-2, Immunomodulator, AI System for Covid-19 Detection, RT-LAMP in 2020).

The Minister invited the people to interpret the awakening day as a boost to continuously research and produce innovations as a solution in various fields.

“The 2020 National Technology Awakening Day focuses on showing the contribution of our research excellence and innovation for the independence of the Indonesian nation. It is the determination of all of us to create an independent, advanced, and prosperous Indonesia. Let’s make the transformation of Indonesia from a country based on natural resources to one based on innovation,” the Minister stated.

On this year’s awakening day commemoration, the Government planned several activities from August to November 2020, such as the launch of strategic research and innovation products, seminars, and innovation services. The commemoration carries the theme “Innovation as Solution” with the sub-theme of excellence in research and innovation to promote “Indonesian Nation Independence”. (Minister of Research and Technology/BRIN PR/EN)



Translated by: Fairuzzamani Inayatillah
Reviewed by: Mia M. Bonaedy

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