Vice President: Police and KPK Should Not Check People Who Do Not Have a Criminal Offense

By Humas     Date 11 Maret 2015
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Vice President Jusuf Kalla together with the 9 Team give information to journalists, at the VP office, Jakarta, Tuesday (10/3)

Vice President (VP) Jusuf Kalla, Tuesday (10/3) afternoon, at the office of the Vice President, Jakarta, receive independent team, known as the 9 Team. The meeting discussed many issues facing this nation towards a better future, including criminalization issues.

In a joint press conference held after the meeting, Vice President Jusuf Kalla said, criminalization should not be made only to the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) and their supporters, but also to the entire community.

Furthermore, the VP confirms, if someone has a criminal or a criminal case and be investigated, it is not a criminalization, but the process of investigation.

Instead, the VP continued, KPK is also should not be arbitrarily checking someone, because everyone should not be criminalized. “All parties, the Police and KPK should not be checking people that no crime or criminal,” VP said.

Could be Resolved with Easy

Chairman of the Independent Team Buya Syafii who attended the meeting together with Asshiddiqie, Imam Prasodjo, Bambang Widodo Umar and Tumpak Hatorangan Panggabean said, that the meeting with VP going on for quite fierce but constructive.

Regarding the feuds between KPK and the Police, Syafii continued, actually could be solved easily, as long as the two institutions respect the legal process respectively.

Meanwhile, Jimly explained that 9 Team has the same perception on the issue of criminalization. In fact, Jimly also insists that there is no difference in perception between the President and VP about criminalization.

Criminalization, Jimly said that just find fault with people, then obviously the legal process should be stopped. “In uphold justice, the officer should look for bad people, not people wrong. If you find faults, everyone has faults. So we agreed criminalization should be stopped,” Jimly adding.

Jimly also said that there is a trend weakening of KPK. However, the meeting with VP is not to find out who weaken KPK. “We must restore the power of KPK. It was a positive meeting”, Jimly said. (SetwapresRI/ES)

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