VP Joe Biden Mentioned that Indonesia Has Strategic Value for the US

By Humas     Date 29 Oktober 2015
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Jokowi - Biden

US Vice President Joseph Biden welcomed the visit of President Jokowi, at his residence in Washington DC, USA, on Tuesday (27/10) afternoon

Vice President (VP) of the United States, Joseph Biden praised Indonesia as a big country that can run elections properly and safely. In addition, Biden also praised efforts to combat corruption undertaken by President Joko Widodo (Jokowi).

The praise given by the Vice President of the US, Joe Biden during the visit of President Jokowi in a private luncheon, at the official residence of the Vice President, Washington DC, USA, on Tuesday (27/10) afternoon local time, or a few hours before President Jokowi and the entourage flew back to homeland.

“According to Biden, Indonesia has a strategic value for the United States, because of Indonesia as the country with the largest Muslim population will have a strong influence in the future,” said Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno LP Marsudi who accompanied President Jokowi when fulfill the invitation of banquet private lunch hosted by Joseph Biden’s.

In response, according to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, President Jokowi conveyed to Biden that cooperation between the two countries has been going well, but there are still many sectors that could be improved.

The lunch between President Jokowi and Vice President of the US, Joe Biden, according to Minister of foreign Affairs, took place in an atmosphere of intimate and warm. Even the conversation between the two, lasted 15 minutes longer than a predetermined time. (TKP/UN/SI/ES)

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