VP Ma’ruf Amin Inaugurates BRK Syariah in Riau Province

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 25 Agustus 2022
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Vice President Ma’ruf Amin inaugurates BRK Syariah at Dang Merdu BRK Tower in Pekanbaru city, Riau province, Thursday (08/25). (Photo by: BPMI of Vice Presidential Secretariat)

Vice President Ma’ruf Amin Thursday (08/25) inaugurated the conversion of regional conventional bank Bank Riau Kepri (BRK) to sharia bank BRK Syariah at Dang Merdu BRK Tower in Riau provincial capital Pekanbaru.

In his opening remarks, the VP unveiled three strategies to develop BRK Syariah.

“To start off the journey of Bank Riau Kepri Syariah, I would like to underscore at least three points. First, Bank Riau Kepri Syariah must sustain and support the growth of all economic sectors and sharia finance in Riau province,” he said.

The VP further stated that financing schemes for actors of halal industry, including large-scale enterprises and MSMEs, need to be developed.

The VP added that the bank also needs to collect sharia social assistance from the people, state civil apparatus of regional governments, and local-owned enterprise employees, and distribute it.

Second, Bank Riau Kepri Syariah must continue to improve services, including to perfect the digitalization of banking,” he said, adding that capacity and capability enhancement of information technology system must be prioritized as people in the regions are more familiar with the digital lifestyle.

“There should be more features in mobile banking systems and links to e-commerce, financial technology, and payment systems,” he said.

Third, the VP stressed that BRK Syariah needs to continue to explore and develop various potential programs in order to expand the segments of sharia market.

According to the VP, the programs that have huge potentials and needs to be focused on include hajj cost collection service and cash management service for local-owned enterprise and other institutions’ employee payroll.

The VP also expressed appreciation for the conversion of Bank Riau Kepri to a sharia bank, adding that it is a significant achievement in the development of sharia economy and finance in Indonesia.

“I thank all parties who have supported the process of converting Bank Riau Kepri into Bank Riau Kepri Syariah. I hope this achievement will also stimulate other banks run by Village Councils’ sharia enterprise units to immediately improve and develop the right corporate strategies to continuously enhance performance as well as to be more competitive and sustainable,” he said.

With regard to the conversion, President Director of BRK Syariah Andi Buchari asserted his commitment to turning the bank into the driving force of the regional sharia ecosystem.

“With the spirit of 3K (conversion, performance, and culture) and BRK Syariah Transformation Strategy 5.0, God willing, BRK Syariah will strive to become the driving force as well as the stimulator of a sharia ecosystem in this region, especially to support the development of regional economic potentials and to become a prosperous and peaceful country,” he remarked.

Echoing a similar sentiment, Governor of Riau Islands Ansar Ahmad underscored that BRK Syariah will be an agent of change for other sharia banks located in the provinces of Riau and Riau Islands.

“We are committed, along with Bapak Governor [of Riau], to turning BRK Syariah into an economic driving force, an agent of change for sharia banks in our two beloved provinces,” he said. (BPMI of Vice Presidential Secretariat/UN) (DH/MMB)

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