VP Ma’ruf Amin Tells Family Planning Board to Double Down on Stunting Handling

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 1 Desember 2021
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Vice President Ma’ruf Amin receives Head of BKKBN Hasto Wardoyo at the Vice Presidential Palace, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (30/11). (Photo by: BPMI Vice Presidential Secretariat)

In a bid to intensify measures to handle and achieve the prevalence rate target of just 14 percent in 2024, Vice President Ma’ruf Amin has ordered the National Family Planning and Coordinating Board (BKKBN) to coordinate more intensively with related ministries / agencies, as well as local governments in areas that have seen high stunting cases.

“Good coordination is the key and the main requirement of the success [in handling stunting] as hoped by the Vice President,” Spokesperson for the Vice President Masduki Baidlowi said after accompanying Vice President Ma’ruf Amin in a meeting with the BKKBN at the Vice Presidential Palace, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (30/11).

According to Masduki, the Vice President has also ordered the BKKBN to map out areas with high stunting cases so that special handling can be done.

“This is important so that action plans can be carried out more specifically according to the characteristics of each region,” he said, adding that the Vice President has also ordered the handling of stunting be carried out as early as possible even from pre-wedding phase.

In addition, Vice President Ma’ruf, Masduki added, also expressed hope that nutritional fulfillment for the children can use a local wisdom approach, such as the use of biscuits from Moringa leaves as a supplement for children in East Nusa Tenggara province.

“Each region (of course) has its own local wisdom. Thus, it is up to the mothers or families to utilize nutritional sources around them for their children, starting from an early age, to the fullest,” Masduki remarked. (BPMI Vice Presidential Secretariat/UN) (GWH/EP)

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