VP: Post-Disaster Rehabilitation, Reconstruction Require Collaboration

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 14 Februari 2021
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Vice President Ma’ruf Amin during the visit to flood-affected areas in Pamanukan, Subang regency, West Java, Saturday (13/02). (Photo: Office of Deputy for Protocol, Press, and Media Affairs of the Vice Presidential Secretariat)

Floods that have hit Subang regency and several regions in West Java province since 7 February 2021 have caused many casualties and huge material losses.

At least 38 thousand people have been evacuated following the floods.

Therefore, collaboration between the Government and private sector is needed for post-disaster rehabilitation and reconstruction as the Government cannot manage the disasters alone.

“Certainly the flood is not only controlled by the Government. (It) cannot be done alone. Therefore, the Government, non-government organizations, and private sectors are all expected to play a role and contribute collaboratively to determining post-disaster rehabilitation and reconstruction,” Vice President Ma’ruf Amin said when visiting flood-affected areas at Pamanukan Sub-district Office in Subang regency, West Java, Saturday (13/02).

The VP also remarked that in line with the global commitment agreed by the United Nations, post-disaster management requires implementing better, safer, and more sustainable construction principles.

“So, let us strive for a responsive emergency management process, followed by short-term and long-term post-disaster rehabilitation. These efforts should involve the people. Not only the Central Government and the regional governments, but also active contribution from the people, including business sector,” the Vice President urged.

The VP also expressed hope that the floods would happen again. By cooperating among stakeholders, he expressed hope that there will be no more casualties.

During the visit, the VP also handed three forms of assistance to the refugees and the government of Subang regency. He symbolically handed assistance from the President, including 1,500 packages of staple food, including rice, cooking oil, tea, sugar, and masks.

The VP also symbolically handed over assistance in the form of 2,000 packages of hygiene items from Ministry of Social Affairs, as well as 10,000 rapid test kits, 300,000 masks, 5,000 sarongs, and 1,000 mattresses, supported by the National Agency for Disaster Management (BNPB).

Meanwhile, at the second location, the Office of Karangligar Village in West Telukjambe Sub-district, Karawang regency, West Java, the VP handed over 600 packages of fast food, 300 packages of children’s food, 300 blankets, 300 mattresses, 200 beds, and 50 packages of children’s necessities.

In the meantime, Vice Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum revealed that two water channels broke due to high rainfall as well as the poor condition of the water channels around Subang regency.

“In Sumedang regency, I found out that there is illegal mining near the river. I came and shut down the mining, but the illegal mining still continues. In Garut regency, there is forest conversion. Although it is legal and there has been no problem in the first or two years, it has caused problems in the following years. In Majalengka, the (river) flow has been converted to rice fields,” the Vice Governor said.

On that occasion, Regent of Subang Ruhimat also reported short-term efforts to overcome the disasters and long-term efforts to prevent flood from happening again.

“I hope the Central Government pays attention to the flood control in Subang regency because the floods can obstruct the construction of Patimban Harbor, which is one of the national strategic projects,” he said.

For the record, floods also hit 17 sub-districts and 34 villages in Karawang regency this year due to the overflow of Citarum River and Cibeet River.

Regent of Karawang Cellica Nurrachadiana also expressed similar concerns to Regent of Subang.

“Two years ago, I suggested that the Central Government, in this case Ministry of Public Works and Housing, construct upstream dams and normalization in the downstream of Cibeet and Citarum Rivers,” Cellica stated. (Office of Deputy for Protocol, Press, and Media Affairs of the Vice Presidential Secretariat/UN) (DH/EP)

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