VP Urges Alms Agency to Spur Innovation in Collection

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 6 Februari 2021
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Vice President Ma’ruf Amin holds a meeting with the executive board of the Baznas via video conference, Thursday (04/01). Photo by: BPMI of Vice President Secretariat.

Vice President Ma’ruf Amin has ordered the National Alms Agency (Baznas) to create innovation in encouraging muzakki (the zakat payer) to pay their zakat (alm).

“I order (the Baznas) to create innovations, breakthroughs, and initiatives,” the Vice President said during a meeting with the agency executive board via video conference, Thursday (04/01).

According to the Vice President, Indonesia has an enormous potential for zakat collection; yet, the existing zakat collection still falls short of the potential.

“The Baznas must work hard to explore new ways and create innovations, especially in collecting zakat. The Qur’an teaches us to take an active role (in this matter),” he stated.

The Vice President also reiterated that collecting zakat in an effective manner is part of developing the national ecosystem of sharia economic and finance.

The Vice President also encouraged the newly appointed Baznas executive board to ensure that the work is evenly distributed and is well-targeted to achieve the goal.

In the meantime, Chairperson of the Baznas Noor Achmad reported that the average annual increase in zakat collection from 2015 to 2020 is 25-30 percent, while expressing hope that the target in the coming years can increase by up to 100 percent.

“In fact, the Baznas has collected Rp385 billion so far this year. God willing, in 2021 we will reach Rp550 billion, then in 2022 we hope we will collect more than Rp1 trillion.” Noor Achmad said.

Achmad further said that the Baznas would continue to support the Government’s measures in rebuilding the economy during the ongoing pandemic.

“We will work hand in hand with the Government to alleviate poverty and to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic,” he remarked. (BPMI of Vice President Secretariat/UN) (RI/EP)

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