Wage Subsidy Disbursement Reaches Rp4.9 Trillion as of 24 September

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 25 September 2021
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As of Friday (24/09), the Government has distributed Rp4.9 trillion for workers’ wage subsidy to the recipients’ existing state-owned bank accounts or collectively opened bank accounts.

“The total fund that has been distributed as of today 24 September is Rp4,911,200,000,000. [It was distributed to] existing state-owned bank accounts and collectively opened bank accounts,” Director General of Industrial Relations Fostering and Social Insurance of Ministry of Manpower Indah Anggoro Putri said, Friday (24/09).

According to Indah, based on the data from the Workers Social Security Agency (BPJSTK), there were 7,748,630 wage subsidy recipient candidates and after data matching process, the wage subsidy was distributed to 4,911,200 recipients.

She also stated that Ministry of Manpower had carried out evaluation on the four stages of wage subsidy distribution in 2021 as it entered the fifth stage, adding that the evaluation included wage subsidy recipient data, distribution mechanism, issues, possible expansion of recipient coverage area, and acceleration of the 2021 wage subsidy distribution.

“This evaluation is important to increase the percentage of wage subsidy recipients in 2021 and to improve the quality of wage subsidy program,” Indah said.

In 2021, Ministry of Manpower, Indah added, only distributes wage subsidy through state-owned bank accounts and workers who do not have state-owned bank account but have met the requirements and passed the verification will receive the subsidy through a new collectively-opened account.

Indah also stated that there are several issues in distributing wage subsidy through state-owned bank accounts, such as miscommunication between banks’ headquarters and branch offices that causes slow activation process.

“The second [issue is] banks’ limited resources in activating new accounts collectively,” she said, adding that some fund failed to be distributed to existing accounts although the accounts have been verified and validated by the banks before being determined as recipients of wage subsidy by the proxy of budget user.

Indah went on to say that other issues include banks’ lack of dissemination of wage subsidy distribution to wage subsidy recipients as well as companies rejecting to receive wage subsidy for workers due to the lack of wage subsidy mechanism dissemination.

“Sixth, the lack of dissemination and coordination between BPJSTK’s headquarters and branch offices as well as [between BPJSTL’s headquarters and] state-owned banks in distributing wage subsidy,” Indah said, adding that all issues evaluated were reported by the public to the Industrial Relations Fostering (PHI) Team through social media and private messaging.

“The PHI Team believes that public complaints must get serious attention to be followed up,” she remarked. (PR of Ministry of Manpower/UN) (DH/EP)

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