Waqf Certificate Can Prevent Land Disputes, President Jokowi Says

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 27 Desember 2023
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President Jokowi hands over certificates at Agung Mosque, Sidoarjo regency, East Java province, on Wednesday (12/27). (Photo by: Muchlist Jr/Bureau of Press, Media, and Information of Presidential Secretariat)

President Jokowi Wednesday (12/27) handed over 1,000 waqf land certificates to beneficiaries at Agung Mosque in Sidoarjo regency, East Java province.

In his remarks, the Head of State underscored the importance of the waqf certificates to prevent conflicts land disputes.

President Jokowi also pointed out that to date, so many land disputes occurred because of non-certified lands and among those that is currently in dispute is a mosque in Senayan area in Jakarta that has no certificate albeit having a value of hundreds of billion rupiah.

“I do not have to mention the mosque’s name to prevent disorder. This is why the waqf certificates handed over to you, Ladies and Gentlemen, are important, be it for mosque, prayer room, education institution, and all,” President Jokowi said.

On that occasion, the President also mentioned that certificates can serve as a legal document on the endowed lands and waqf certificates can also clear the legal status to prevent land disputes in the future.

President Jokowi also expressed hope that in the future, places of worship built on wagf lands can have certificates to ease its development plan.

“We hope it would be feasible to develop mosque’s construction and to extend mosque’s building since it already has a legal right,” he remarked. (AW/EP)

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