Welcomed by Foreign Minister, 110 WNI that Evacuated from Yemen Arrive in Jakarta

By Humas     Date 6 April 2015
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Foreign Minister, Retno Marsudi talking with a number of WNI who had been evacuated from Yemen, at Soekarno Hatta Airport, Jakarta, Sunday (5/4)

A total of 110 Indonesian citizen (WNI) who were evacuated from Yemen has arrived at the Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Jakarta, Sunday (5/4) afternoon. The arrival of 110 citizens who are the first part from 262 citizens who managed to get out from Yemen to Jizan, Saudi Arabia, a few days ago were welcomed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno LP Marsudi.

Foreign Minister, Retno Marsudi argues that the security condition in Yemen, particularly in the western part of Yemen around Aden city and Sana’a has become increasingly serious. Armed clashes between warring parties increasingly widespread.

“This situation complicates the evacuation effort, and requires Evacuation Team WNI to continually adjust the scenario, step, and the evacuation process. However, evacuation team stick to the principle to evacuate quickly, safely, and efficiently,” said Foreign Minister told reporters at Soekarno Hatta Airport, Jakarta.

According to the Foreign Minister, Indonesia deplored the re-occurrence of civilian casualties in clashes in Yemen. “The Indonesian government continues to call for all parties to act with restraint and pay attention the safety of civilians, both Yemenis and foreigners,” he said.

Foreign Minister calls on all parties in Yemen to adopt a humanitarian pause in order to provide an opportunity for civilians evacuated from Yemen. He mentioned that this opportunity will be used by the Government of Indonesia to undertake immediate evacuation of citizens from Yemen.

www.kemlu.go.id Site reported, the Acceleration Team evacuation of citizens (WNI) who departed from Jakarta on Thursday difficult to enter into the Tareem city through the border of Yemen – Oma, Saturday (4/4). The team has been coordinated with the citizens (WNI) who were in Tarim, Al Mukalla and other cities in the Hadhramaut region to prepare for evacuation.

According to a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry, has established the Volunteer Team to Accelerate Evacuation led by PPI (Indonesian Student Association) in the Hadhramaut region. Integrated team evacuation of citizens also have to communicate with various parties, including the prominent scholars and leader of the university and boarding school in order to help convince the the citizen who are in the Hadhramaut region to be willing in the evacuation.

Since the evacuation process began in December 2014 and the intensification of the evacuation on March 25, 2015, a total of 792 WNI evacuated from Yemen, and up to this day as many as 590 have been returned to Indonesia. The rest about 202 WNI are now evacuated to a safe area that is in Jizan (Saudi Arabia), and Djibouti City (Djibouti), Ethiopia.

Currently there are a number of citizens (WNI) who there are in different shelter / safe house and wait for the evacuation of 89 people in Aden, Sana’a 40 people, 40 people and Tarim Al’Mukalla 58 people.

“The Indonesian government continues to request that all citizens (WNI) in Yemen willing to be evacuated as long as possible and before the situation, both the security and availability of logistics, getting worse. The government also asked the families of citizens in Indonesia to encourage families in Yemen to be willing to be evacuated,” asked Foreign Minister Retno LP Marsudi.

The Yemen evacuation operation involving five Indonesian Representative ie Indonesian Embassy in Sanaa (Yemen), Indonesian Embassy in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Indonesian Embassy in Muscat (Oman), Indonesian Embassy in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), and the Consulate General in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia). (Kemlu RI/ES)

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