Welcoming Visit of Unisri Students, Head of HR Bureau: Cabinet Secretariat Open to Various Fields of Knowledge

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 24 Januari 2024
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Cabinet Secretariat receives a visit from FISIP Unisri students on Tuesday (01/23) in Jakarta.

Cabinet Secretariat welcomes a visit from students of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) at Slamet Riyadi University Surakarta (Unisri) on Tuesday (01/23), at the Multipurpose Hall of Building III, Ministry of State Secretariat, Jakarta.

In front of the 126 students, the Head of Human Resources, Organization, and Administration Bureau at Cabinet Secretariat Henny Navilah stated that the Cabinet Secretariat is open to various fields of knowledge.

“If someday all of you want to pursue a career at the Cabinet Secretariat or the Ministry of State Secretariat, all educational backgrounds can indeed be accommodated, especially within the Cabinet Secretariat,” said Henny.

Henny added that one of the tasks of Cabinet Secretariat is to provide policy recommendations to the President and Vice President in the preparation of the government’s work plan. Therefore, Cabinet Secretariat requires competent human resources in various fields of knowledge.

“The academic backgrounds that mentioned earlier,  international relations,  public administration, communication science, coincidentally, are academic backgrounds that are quite widely accepted in the Cabinet Secretariat,” she added.

On that occasion, the Head of SDMOT Bureau also appreciated Unisri’s Institutional Visit Lecture (KKI) program, which aims to broaden the students’ insights into the working world. According to Henny, the hopes and future of the nation are in the hands of the younger generation, including the students.

“Stay spirited in pursuing your dreams because your parents surely have great expectations on all of you. And also  this country, has great expectations on all of you,” Henny conveyed a message to the Unisri students.

In the meeting, the Dean of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences at Unisri, Suwardi, expressed appreciation for the grant provided by the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) for the construction of a new lecture building. According to Suwardi, the provision of this grant is a form of government support for the education sector.

“This is an extraordinary attention from the Government to us at Unisri. Therefore, through this opportunity, we express our gratitude to the Government,” said Suwardi.

Also present at this event were, among others, Cabinet Secretariat’s Assistant Deputy for International Relations Johar Arifin, the Head of Public Administration Study Program at Unisri Damayanti Suhita, and the Head of International Relations Study Program at Unisri Ganjar Widhiyoga. (TGH/UN) (APN/LW)

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