WNI Who Was Arrested by the Turkish Government is Likely to be Deported

By Humas     Date 19 Maret 2015
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Minister of Foreign Affairs, Retno Marsudi

Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno Marsudi expressed, there is the possibility of 16 Indonesian citizens (WNI) who was arrested by the Turkish government as it will cross into Syria to join premises radical Islamic movement, Islamic State on the Iraqi and Syrian (ISIS) will be deported to Indonesia.

“Indeed, from the Turkish side that one possibility is deportation. We are studying how the mechanisms will, and of course about the preparations here to,” said Retno told to reporters at the Presidential Office, Jakarta, Wednesday (18/3) afternoon.

Initially, the 16 Indonesians were allegedly as the group of tourists from Indonesia to Turkish that broke away from the group. However, after deepening, it turns the 16 citizens who were arrested by the Turkish authorities was different identities with 16 citizens who broke away from the group tour to Turkish. The 16 WNI who detained by Turkish authorities, 11 of them are children.

 “What is clear, indeed they conveyed that they wanted to cross into Syria. But to the Syrian in order to join the ISIS or not, until now we have not received confirmation”, Retno revealed. He said it was likely for economic purposes, because there are many WNI working in Syria.

“I have not been able to give information on how the execution of the deportation later. Our team have not met with 16 WNI, but only with the authorities,” Retno said.

Foreign Minister denied the presumption if the team sent by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have difficulty to meet with the 16 citizens who detained by the Turkish authorities

When asked about the possibility that there are WNI who crossed into Syria through Turkish, Foreign Minister expressed, it might just be happen. “Maybe there are already cross, but authorities (Turkish) have not been able to ascertain,” Retno said.  (Humas Setkab/ES)

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