Wonderful Indonesia Brighten the New York Times Travel Show 2015

By Humas     Date 5 Februari 2015
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The New York Times Travel Show

Performance of Baris Mapatra Yudha Dance in the New York Times Travel Show (NYTTS) 2015 at the Javits Convention Centre

I wanna go off the beaten track in Indonesia, where should I go?

I wanna go to Bali, which place do you recommend?

Is there a tour at Indonesia coffee plantation?

Orang Utan is from Indonesia right? How do I meet them?

Various questions were asked visitors of the New York Times Travel Show (NYTTS) 2015 at the Javits Convention Centre (23-25 / 01). As a contribution to achieve the target of 10 million foreign tourists in 2015, Consulate General of Republic of Indonesia (KJRI) in New York and the Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia participate again in one of the largest tourism exhibition in New York. The snowfall does not reduce the enthusiasm and the number of New Yorkers who visit NYTTS 2015.

Enthusiasm and curiosity of the visitors very greatly to Indonesia. Brochures, information books, videos, and an explanation of the travel agencies in the booth to answer their high curiosity. Booth Wonderful Indonesia is in the Asian Pavilion with a maritime theme and adventure.

Saung Budaya Dance Studio performed at Cultural Performance Stage NYTTS 2015. The visitors soluble in traditional Indonesian music melodies that accompany the dancers. Saung Budaya featuring Indang Dance, Merak (Peacock) Dance, and Lenggang Nyai Dance. In addition, they also featuring Poco-poco dance and succeed turn on familiar and festive atmosphere. The visitors with enthusiasm following the agile movement Poco-poco dancers.

The appeal of typical Indonesian snacks which are presented as risol, lemper, wingko babat, and Bolu Kukus to make the visitors willing to queue up to fulfill Asian Pavilion. Also served ginger-lemongrass drink warm. This herbal drink feels good against the cold temperatures around 0 degrees Celsius.

Snacks which is presented to become icebreaker and attract visitors who want to know further about the Indonesian tourism. The Integrated Team of the Ministry of Tourism, KJRI New York, and travel agents/operators delivers various information with enthusiasm.

The visitors’ booth Wonderful Indonesia seemed to enjoy the various attractions offered by the game Gender Bali, dance performances of Nusantara, as well as food tasting culinary Indonesia. Captive clothing typical of the region, such as the Dayak clothes, Bodo clothes and Bali clothes attracts visitors to queue to capture images.

Adding to the excitement, booth Wonderful Indonesia provides 6 giveaways in the form of typical Indonesian souvenirs for visitors who succeed answer questions about the Indonesian tourism. NYTTS which followed more than 500 exhibitors invited the tourism speakers and experts, as well as featuring 101 presentations cultures from around the world.  (KJRI New York/ES

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