Directives of President of the Republic of Indonesia to High Ranking Officials of the Indonesian National Police, Regional Police Chiefs, and Resort Police Chiefs at the State Palace, Jakarta, October 14, 2022

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 14 Oktober 2022
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First of all, I would like to express my sincerest respect and appreciation for the hard work of the Indonesian National Police (Polri) and all ranks of the Indonesian National Defense Forces (TNI), the Government, and all members of the society in handling COVID-19. The people saw it, and I also saw and felt the hard work. And the results are very significant. Until today, the greatest support has come from the police. As many as 440 million doses of vaccine have been administered to the people and hence the COVID-19 pandemic subsided and our economy could grow by 5.44 percent. As a result, the police topped the Public Trust Index at the time.

But then the FS incident happened and worsened the index that it plummeted to the lowest number. It used to be compared to other law enforcement institutions, the police’s index was the highest. Now, it is at the lowest rank. We must restore the trust with the hard work of all of you.

In November [last year], public confidence in the police was still at 80.2 [percent]. It is very high. Not high, but very high. Yet last August, it was at 54 [percent]. It dropped significantly. That is the hard work that you must do to restore public confidence in the National Police in the current unfavorable situation.

We are aware that all countries are facing difficulty. The world is in a difficult situation. We are steering this country and also face the waves and storms of the difficult global economy. I need to inform you that 66 countries are in a vulnerable situation and 345 million people in 82 countries are already suffering from acute food shortages. This is what all regional police chiefs, resort police chiefs, key high-ranking officials of the National Police must know. You must understand this situation so that you share the same sense of crisis. Be careful with this. Be careful.

For that reason, I remind you all on the issue of lifestyle. Do avoid social conflicts due to socioeconomic jealousy amid this difficult situation. Be careful with socioeconomic jealousy. I remind all resort police chiefs, resort police deputy chiefs, regional police chiefs, high-ranking officials of the National Police to refrain yourselves from having lifestyle issues. Do not be arrogant and do not show off your expensive cars or luxury motorbikes. Be careful. I remind you to be careful.

Yesterday is gone. The current technology has completely changed social interactions. News can also spread on social media, not only on TV, print media, online media. Our personal media can serve as newspaper, can serve as media that can show what we do every day at any time even if we do it discreetly.

I have received too many reports regarding luxury lifestyle. It is a small matter, but it can disrupt trust in the police. The public is now paying attention to anything the police personnel wear and own, such as cars, motorbikes, shoes, clothes, and others. That is what we have to understand in this global situation that is full of transparency.

It is your duty to handle public complaints against the police. As much as 29.7 percent of the people’s complaints against the police is about illegal fees. Please pay attention on personnel that collect illegal fees. Do refrain from being authoritarian. Do avoid repressive approaches. On the third place at 19.2 percent is finding fault. And the fourth is luxury lifestyle, which I have mentioned before.

Because you are law enforcement apparatus that are the closest to the people and have the most interaction with the people, do remind the personnel and brief them all to serve the people. Remind them about matters related to public service.

Second, about the people’s safety and security. This is about perception. Do not make the people feel less safe or secure because we do not respond fast. No matter what, the police is the people’s protector. Please serve the people even for the little things. If the people lose something, the police must respond fast so that they feel protected and safe.

Third, regarding solidarity. Be careful. We are entering a political year. Because the general election process has begun since last June. You must show solidarity within the National Police. When it is done, the solidarity of the police and the TNI will reduce political tensions in the future. Solidarity. You must be sensitive of the political situation because you are the highest-ranking officials in your respective regions. You must have a sense of politics. Even if you are not involved in politics, you must understand political issues because we are entering a political year.

If the police and the TNI are united, I have stated it many times before, I am certain that our security stability and political stability are guaranteed. It will be good. No one will dare to do something bad. If they do, you should respond firmly.

Fourth, about a shared vision. When it comes to institutional policies, we must not seem scared. As leaders in the regions, be it provinces, regencies, or cities, you must not be afraid or play safe. Follow the procedures. Follow the SOP. Obey the laws.

As for the Presisi vision. Chief of the National Police, please do not complicate it. Please simplify it so that lower-ranking personnel understand what they must do. If it is simplified, it will be as what the National Police Chief has said, the National Police as protector, the National Police as defender, the National Police as public servant. That is the point. What is Presisi? Explain it once again in simple and clear terms so that the vision is easy to understand.

Fifth, regarding law enforcement. Do not make the Government look weak. Do not make the National Police look weak as well. I have ordered the National Police Chief to eradicate online gambling. I need not talk much. You are all aware about this order. And law enforcement related to drug trafficking. This is what can restore public confidence in the National Police.

If an event occurs, immediately design the communication well. Public communication is crucial. Do not be late. Do not be slow. If you are slow, other issues will emerge. Once again, this is the era of social media. Events are shared within seconds, within minutes, not within days. Once there is a small incident and you do not handle or communicate it well because you think that it is a small issue, it will be a big issue very fast and it will be difficult to resolve. The world is not in a normal situation, so everyone is sensitive and easily provoked. To grow optimism, we must create good things. We must make achievements. We must have good communication.

That concludes my statement on this auspicious occasion. Once again, I highly appreciate all of your hard work in handling COVID-19. With the solidarity within the National Police and the unity of the National Police and the TNI, I am certain that we can do what I have stated earlier.

I hereby close the meeting this afternoon.


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