Ministry of Health Sets Maximum Tariff for Antigen RDT Examination

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 2 September 2021
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Ministry of Health has set maximum tariff for Antigen Rapid Diagnostic Test (Ag-RDT) at Rp90,000 in Java and Bali islands and Rp109,000 outside Java and Bali.

This provision is stated in Circular Number HK 02.02/I/3065/2021 on the Maximum Tariff for Antigen Rapid Diagnostic Test (Ag-RDT) which was signed by the Director General of Health Services to the Ministry Abdul Kadir on 1 September 2021.

“After an evaluation, we agree that the maximum tariff for Ag-RDT examination should be lowered to Rp90,000 in Java and Bali islands and Rp109,000 outside Java and Bali,” Abdul Kadir said, as quoted from the official website of the Ministry, Thursday (02/09).

The maximum tariff only applies to people who carry out the examination at their own/independent request. It does not apply to contact tracing activities or case referrals to hospitals whose operations receive Ag-RDT examination assistance from the Government or are part of the COVID-19 patient financing guarantee.

Abdul Kadir underscored that this latest pricing applies to all health care facilities that provide Ag-RDT examination services. Therefore, the provincial health offices and the regency/city health offices must provide guidance and supervision on its implementation.

“We ask that all health service facilities such as hospitals, laboratories, and other health service facilities can comply with the maximum tariff for Ag-RDT,” he said.

The Government will also evaluate the maximum tariffs for RT-PCR and Ag-RDT examinations and will review them periodically as needed.

Meanwhile, Director of Supervision for Defense and Security of the Finance and Development Supervisory Agency (BPKP) Faisal explained that the evaluation of the maximum tariff for Ag-RDT by BPKP was carried out in accordance with the request letter from Directorate General of Health Services of Ministry of Health Number JP.02.03/I/2841/2021 on Application for Evaluation of Maximum Tariff for RT-PCR and Ag-RDT Examinations.

The determination of the maximum tariff is based on the results of the Government’s evaluation by considering the components of services/human resources (HR), reagents and consumables, administrative costs, overhead, and other cost components that are adjusted to current conditions. Meanwhile, data sources related to price fairness were obtained, among others, from the results of BPKP audits, e-catalogs, and current market prices.

“The results of the evaluation have been submitted to the Directorate General of Health Services of Ministry of Health for further policy steps,” said Faisal. (PR of Ministry of Health/UN) (FI/MMB)

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