President Jokowi Invites Cabinet to Support Major Reforms in Education, Religious Affairs Ministries

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 31 Oktober 2019
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Minister of Education and Culture Nadiem Makarim attends the Limited Meeting at the President’s Office, Jakarta, Thursday, (31/10). (Photo by: Jay/PR)

President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo asked elements of Government to support massive reforms in Ministry of Education and Culture and Ministry of Religious Affairs in light of the current Government’s focus on the development of human resources.

“I am sure the Ministers have understood, the Coordinating Minister  also has experiences in those sectors, so I don’t need to explain more,” President Jokowi stated during a Limited Meeting which discussed Programs and Activities of Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture at the President’s Office, Jakarta, Thursday, (31/10).

Technology, President Jokowi said, must be used to accelerate equitable and efficient education. He reminded the newly-appointed Minister of Education and Culture Nadiem Makarim to devote his attention across all Indonesia and not only Jakarta or Java Island.

“Take a look at the situation in Halmahera Island, Rote Island, Wamena. Then, we will understand what kind of system, what kind of application we can establish to standardize (the education across Indonesia), to set a quality standard which can help teachers and students during learning process,” the President said.

On the occasion, President Jokowi also reminded the Ministers of the big challenges to respond to the changing labor market due to technological development. “We must pay attention to this. The shifting job can make someone lose a job but also can create opportunities for new jobs,” the President said, adding that if we can prepare the human resources, there will be more opportunities because emerging jobs also require emerging knowledge and skills.

For this reason, the President stated, a massive curriculum adjustment review must be conducted. According to him, the world has changed very rapidly. Knowledge and skills became obsolete now, he said.

“Therefore it must be updated, it must be upgraded, do it immediately, the curriculum must be more flexible to be in line with the changing world,” the President said.

The President also asked for improvements in the quality of teachers through a system application. “Take advantage of digital technology to expand, accelerate, and facilitate access to education and health sectors so that everything is made easier with digital technology,” President Jokowi said.

Furthermore, President Jokowi requested that the relevance of the Vocational Training Center (BLK) to the working world can be further improved. It is so that students can have the knowledge and skills that support them in their future jobs.

The President also suggested continuous rescaling and upscaling for the workforce to improve competitiveness. “Next year, we will have Pre-Employment Card. Please be prepared so that the Card can be issued in January,” the President stated, adding that the Ministers should also monitor the use of budget for the Village Funds program to benefit people in the rural areas. (FID/JAY/ES)


Translated by : Fairuzzamani Inayatillah
Edited by : Rany A. Subachrum, Yuyu Mulyani

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