President Jokowi Urges Public to Unite to Fight Against Online Gambling

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 12 Juni 2024
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President Jokowi gives a press statement at Merdeka Palace Jakarta on Wednesday (06/12). (Source: BPMI Setpres/Vico)

President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo firmly voiced concern about the dangers of online gambling and called for its prohibition. In his statement, the President urged the public not to engage in gambling, both offline and online.

“Do not gamble.. Do not gamble.. Do not gamble.. whether offline or online. It is better if you save your money or use it as business capital,” emphasized the President in his statement at the Merdeka Palace, Jakarta, as broadcast on the Presidential Secretariat’s YouTube channel on Wednesday (06/12).

The President also highlighted the negative impacts caused by gambling practices. These include the loss of property, family breakups, and the increase in criminal and violent activities in society.

“Gambling is not just about risking money, not just a game of chance with prizes. Gambling stakes the future, both personal, family, and our children’s future,” stated the President.

Therefore, the Head of State asserted that the Government continues to make serious efforts to eradicate and combat online gambling. According to the President, more than 2.1 million online gambling sites have already been shut down by the Government, along with the formation of a task force.

“The online gambling task force will soon be formed, and we hope it will accelerate the eradication of online gambling,” said the President.

Recognizing that online gambling is transnational in nature and involves various jurisdictions, the President stressed the importance of public participation in curbing gambling. “One of the most important defenses is from our own community and personal defense,” he emphasized.

The President called on religious leaders, community leaders, and citizens to actively remind, monitor, and report any form of gambling activity. The active involvement of all layers of society plays a critical role in building national defense against online gambling. (BPMI SETPRES/AIT) (AS/MUR)

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