President SBY reaffirms Indonesia?s support to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas

By Humas     Date 21 Juli 2014
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telp_pres_palestina_1On Sunday, 20th July 2014, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono called on friend President of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas at 15:30 from the State Palace in Jakarta.

President Yudhoyono called President Abbas to learn first hand of the severe conditions in the Gaza Strip and also to once again underline Indonesia’s support for the establishment a State of Palestine.

President Yudhoyono conveyed that the crisis in Gaza has gripped national attention in Indonesia and that it was a very serious issue to all Indonesians.  The fact that of all this was happening in the holy month of Ramadhanwas further stirring high emotions in Indonesia and throughout the Muslim world.

President Yudhoyono informed President Abbas that in Indonesia, the outpouring of sympathy among the Indonesia people was very intense and he appreciated the role of the United Nations through the UNOCHA and the UNRWA to help the victims.  To that end, he reaffirmed Indonesia’s commitment to send humanitarian assistance such as food-stuff and medicine to help the Palestinians to the value of US$ 1 million.  This measure wasnot to prevent other forms of support from the people of Indonesiashould the situation worsen in the Gaza Strip.

For Indonesia, it was imperative that all sides immediately bring to a halt the cycle of violence; to end the Israeli disproportionate attacks; and to prevent the conflict from deteriorating even further.

“I therefore strongly hope that the meeting in Qatar will lead to an immediate cease-fire agreement by both sides” President Yudhoyono remarked.

Indonesia believed that the UN and the international community must continue to press Israel to cease their military actions. The humanitarian crisis in Gaza will only get a lot worseshould Israeli military action intensifies.

Indonesia welcomed the decision of the UN Security Council on 12 July 2014 to call for de-escalation of the situation, restoration of calm, and reinstitution of the November 2012 ceasefire. And it is Indonesia’s hope that this can be followed by concrete actions on the ground.

Indonesia hoped that the UN Secretary-General who is now in the Middle East will also help push both sides to observe this Security Council decision.

On its part, “Indonesia stands ready to contribute more to the work of the UN on this critical matter” President Yudhoyono stated.

President Yudhoyono once again reaffirmedhis personal support for President Abbas’s sacrifices and relentless efforts to bring peace to the Palestinians, and to the region.

“I also wish to reaffirm Indonesia’s strong commitment towards the realization of an independent, sovereign and viable Palestinian State, based on the two-state solution” President Yudhoyono underlined.

The brief discussion apart from conveying Indonesia’s position and views was also a reminder to President Abbas that Palestine was not alone in her struggle.


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