President SBY receives Envoy Credentials from Slovakia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Bulgaria, Ecuador, Spain and Guinea

By Humas     Date 24 April 2014
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sahabat_dubesOn the 22nd April 2014, President SusiloBambangYudhoyono received the credential letters of 7 new Ambassadors to Indonesia.  Six of them were residing in Jakarta, whereas one of them were from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. 

These Ambassadors were the following:

His Excellency MICHAL SLIVOVI? of Slovakia

His Excellency MUHAMMAD LAWAL SULAIMAN of Nigeria

Her Excellency ATTIYA MAHMOOD of Pakistan

His Excellency  SERGEY MICHEV of Bulgaria



His Excellency DR ALPHA DIALLO of Guinea

In the discussions, President SusiloBambangYudhoyono conveyed the following views before allowing the Ambassadors to deliver their remarks

“As we know well that our relations are good and progressing. Of course you would agree with me that we could do more in the years to come; to further deepen and expand our partnerships and cooperation. And through you, Excellencies, please also convey my warmest regards to your respective Head of State and Head of Government”

“You are coming to Indonesia in the election time. I am pleased Alhamdulillah that we have just completed the legislative election. It has been done peacefully and democratically. Involving more than 130 million Indonesian people plus more than one million of the members of the election committee across the country. And we are once again pleased because we can improve the quality of our democracy here in Indonesia. And our objective is, to have, progressing democracy on the one hand and also economic progress and development on the other hand.  And Alhamdulillah we are able to have both important things for our people”

“We are facing very dynamic and challenging world. And the solution in facing those kinds of challenges is cooperation and collaboration of all nations. And you are here, Excellencies, to reach the objectives of our collaboration and partnership. We are having common challenges and common objectives. That’s why we have to work together”

“You will be following very interesting times in Indonesia because we are facing the next phase of our elections. The presidential elections that will be conducted on the July the 9th.  We will do our best to ensure that the second phase of the elections, that is the presidential elections, can be done peacefully, democratically and smoothly. Of course the political temperature is getting high and it is normal I believe. But I do believe when in 2009 and in 2004, when Indonesia conducted its elections peacefully and democratically, this time the elections will do the same”

“With that opening remarks, Your Excellencies, I would like to listen to you, what can we do in the years to come, with your presence here in Indonesia”

The meeting was an opportunity for those countries to continue the good relations between the governments and to maintain the close communications that have been established in the passed few years.


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