President Jokowi: Foster, Maintain Interfaith Harmony in Diversity

By Office of Assistant to Deputy Cabinet Secretary for State Documents & Translation     Date 3 November 2020
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President Joko Widodo delivers his messages at virtual National Coordination Meeting of the Interfaith Communication Forum (FKUB), Tuesday (3/11). (Photo by: BPMI – Presidential Secretariat)

Unity in Diversity in Indonesian community is a blessing from God the Almighty that must be maintained since it is the strength of the nation. Amidst social dynamics and global political issues, the country’s diversity including religious diversity does not hamper Indonesians to live in harmony, to understand and to protect each other.

“Interfaith harmony is not established in one night. The harmony is a result from collective consciousness that disunity and egoism among groups will only bring damage,” President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo said at virtual National Coordination Meeting of the Interfaith Communication Forum (FKUB), Tuesday (3/11).

The President went on to say that the long-established harmony is also the fruit of our efforts in respecting each other, not accommodating room for distrust and hostility which will eventually break the nation’s unity and brotherhood.

For that reason, he highly appreciated participants and activists of interfaith harmony who always preserve harmony and tolerance in the community. Those efforts have made it possible for Indonesia to enjoy a conducive and harmonious live.

“The Interfaith Communication Forum is a miniature of Indonesia’s unity in diversity. I hope there will be no one that is left behind. The Forum should serve as an umbrella for the nation that protects all people regardless their religions and groups. This commitment must be deep-rooted in mind of all figures and activists of the Forum,” he added.

In the meantime, the Government has been providing full support so that the FKUB can perform its roles optimally in fostering religious moderation values. According to the President, religious moderation is the right choice which reflected the spirit of Pancasila, the State Ideology, in tackling extremism that hit several other countries.

“Challenges in religion and life are getting harder. Social media may spread hoaxes and hate speeches that can tear us apart. Therefore, we need religious figures who can unite, embrace, and turn differences into a strength so that the people will not involve in extremism and violence,” he said.

The President expressed hope that the Forum can formulate visionary planning for strategic programs to strengthen the value of religious moderation and tolerance. The Forum must also serve as a medium for dialog to seek constructive solutions against problems for the sake of interfaith harmony in Indonesia.  (BPMI/UN)



Translated by: Rany Anjany
Reviewed by: Mia Medyana

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