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  • 29 January 2015

Meets Regents / Mayors of East Indonesia, President Jokowi: In Order For Us Have the Same Vision


Meets Regents / Mayors of East Indonesia, President Jokowi: In Order For Us Have the Same Vision

After last week received the regents and mayors from Sumatra, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) on Thursday (29/1) morning, at the Bogor Palace, West Java, received the Regents/ Mayors from East Indonesia region, e.i. from Sulawesi, Gorontalo, West Papua, and Papua.

In his remarks, President Jokowi said that he purposely collect the Regents/Mayors with the aim that all have the same great vision.

“In order that we have big plans for the future of this nation and that we might have the great ideas that we synchronize in our great organization the Republic of Indonesia,” President Jokowi said.

  • 29 January 2015

Regarding the Candidate of Kapolri, President Welcomes the Inputs of Watimpres and Team 9


Independent Team (Team 9) held a press conference at the Main Building Lobby of the State Secretariat, Jakarta, Wednesday (28/1)

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) welcomes the suggestions and input of Watimpres and Independent Team (Team 9) regarding the certainty of Police Commissioner General Budi Gunawan as the head of the Indonesian National Police (Kapolri).

President receives Watimpres and independent team at the State Palace, Jakarta, at a different time. Chairman Watimpres, Sri Adiningsih said that President Jokowi welcomes suggestions and input to find solutions related to the tension between Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) and the National Police (Kapolri).

  • 28 January 2015

100 Days the Administration of President Jokowi, Governor of BI: Indonesian Economy in Good Condition

Gub BI

Governor of Bank Indonesia Agus Martowardoyo

Governor of Bank Indonesia (BI) Agus Martowardojo said Indonesia’s economy is in good condition, marking the 100days administration of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) on Wednesday (28/1). Even, in this January 2015 Agus predict will be deflation.

“Indonesia’s economy is in good condition and it is seen from inflation. We expect to have very low inflation in January, and possibly deflation. January would have close to zero inflation, “said Agus Matowardojo together with a number of economic ministers after received by President Jokowi, at the State Palace, Jakarta, Wednesday (28/1).

  • 28 January 2015

Meets Wantimpres, President Jokowi Discuss the Certainty of Komjen Budi Gunawan


Meets Wantimpres, President Jokowi Discuss the Certainty of Komjen Budi Gunawan

Cabinet Secretary, Andi Widjajanto said, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) on Wednesday (28/1) will discuss the government’s stance regarding the certainty of the Commissioner-General (Komjen) Police Budi Gunawan as the Head of the Indonesian National Police (Kapolri).

The discussion in response to the deadline given by the House of Representatives (DPR), that has approved Budi Gunawan as Police Chief (Kapolri), after President Jokowi dismiss General (Pol) Sutarman from the post of Kapolri.

Instead, the President issued Presidential Decree on assignment of Deputy Kapolri Commissioner General (Pol) Badrodin Haiti to carry out the duties, responsibilities, and authority as Kapolri.

  • 28 January 2015

With Total Area 2,000 Ha, President Jokowi: Sei Mengkei Industrial Zone is the Largest in West Indonesia

BUMN Medan

President Jokowi gives opening remarks while inaugurating the groundbreaking of 7 projects, in Sei Menkei industrial zone, North Sumatra, on Tuesday (8/1)

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi), accompanied by the Governor of North Sumatra Gatot Pujo Nugroho and Minister of SOEs Rini Soemarno launched the start of construction of seven strategic projects in North Sumatra, which was centered in the port of Kuala Tanjung, Batubara District, North Sumatra, on Tuesday (27/1).

The project includes the construction of a port and industrial area of Kuala Tanjung Sei Mangkei, aluminum diversification project, as well as toll roads Medan-Binjai.

In his remarks, President Jokowi admitted that he was surprised to get a report from Governor of North Sumatra Gatot Pujo Nugroho, that the industrial area of Kuala Tanjung Sei Mangkei was standing in an area of 2000 hectares, not including the port area of 200 hectares.

  • 27 January 2015

Visiting Sumatra, President Jokowi Will ‘Groundbreaking’ a Number of Infrastructure Projects


Visiting Sumatra, President Jokowi Will ‘Groundbreaking’ a Number of Infrastructure Projects

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) on Tuesday (27/1) this afternoon is scheduled to conduct a working visit to North Sumatra to inaugurate groundbreaking or laying the first stone of infrastructure project development in this region.

Arriving at the airbase Soewondo, Medan, President Jokowi going to the Kualatanjung Port, and will be welcomed by the Governor of North Sumatra Gatot Pujo Nugroho. At this location, President will lay piles for the construction of multipurpose terminal.

In this place, the President will conduct a teleconference on the development progress of Highways Medan-Binjai, especially those related to the ground dredging with excavators.

  • 27 January 2015

Integrate the E-Government, the Government of Indonesia Cooperation with Singapore

e government

Minister of PAN-RB Yuddy Chrisnandi receive a souvenir from the CEO Singapore Cooperation Enterprise (SCE) Kong Wy Mun in visiting to Singapore (26/1).

The Indonesian government was exploring cooperation in the development and implementation of e-government with Singapore. Minister of Administrative Reforms and Bureaucratic Reform (PANRB), Yuddy Chrisnandi asserted that the implementation of e-government in order to reform the public service bureaucracy in Indonesia.

“In addition cooperation with South Korea, we want to explore Singapore, which is also be categorized as the best in e-government,” said Minister of PANRB, Yuddy Chrisnandi during a visit to Singapore on Tuesday (26/1).

  • 27 January 2015

President Jokowi Inaugurates Triawan Munaf as Head of Creative Economy Agency


President Jokowi watched Triawan Munaf signed the official report of inauguration as Head of Creative Economy, at the State Palace on Monday (26/1)

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) on Monday (26/1) afternoon, at the State Palace, Jakarta, inaugurated a musician the former member of the Giant Step band, Triawan Munaf as Head of Creative Economy.

Triawan who is the father of singer Sherina Munaf was appointed as Head of the Creative Economy based on the Presidential Decree No. 9 P 2015. In the Presidential Decree mentioned, Head of Creative Economy obtain the rights of financial and other facilities on par with the minister.

  • 26 January 2015

Inaugurating the Center of PTSP, President Jokowi Appreciate 22 K/L Which Submit the Licensing Affairs to BKPM


President Jokowi reviewing the service in the Center of PTSP, BKPM office, Jakarta, Monday (26/1)

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) attended and opened the Center of One Stop Integrated Service (PTSP), in the office of the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM), Monday (26/1) morning.

PTSP was formed on the instructions of President Jokowi, in order to seek out the licenses; the investors do not need to back and forth to the Ministries/Institutions (K/L). Nevertheless, enough just come to Center of PTSP, which is in the BKPM. President Jokowi delivers the instruction after ‘blusukan’ to the BKPM office on October 28, 2014 ago.

  • 26 January 2015

Meets a Number of Figures, President Jokowi AsksThat No Criminalization in Polri nor KPK


President Jokowi delivers a press release with a number of figures, at the State Palace, Jakarta, Sunday (25/1) night.

Related to the situation that developed after the determination of Commissioner General (Pol) Budi Gunawan as a suspect by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), and determination of the Deputy Chairman of KPK Widjojanto by Investigators’ (Bareskrim) the Police of Republik of Indonesia (Polri), President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) on Sunday (25/1) night, call and ask the opinion of a number of figures.

The figures that meet the invitation of President Jokowi to the Presidential Palace, Jakarta, among others: former Chairman of the Constitutional Court (MK) Jimly Asshidiqie, former Deputy Chief Commissioner General (Ret) Oegroseno, former Chairman of KPK Tumpak Hatorangan Panggabean, former Vice Chairman of KPK Erry Ryana Hardjapamengkas, the Police Observers Bambang Widodo Umar, and legal experts from the University of Indonesia (UI) Hikmahanto Juwana. While Muhammadiyah figure, Buya Syafii was unable to attend because he was in outside of Jakarta.