Ojo Lali Loh Yo-Tuku Loh Yo: President SBY encourages guests of INACRAFT 2014 to buy Indonesian handy-crafts

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inacraftOn the 23rd April 2013, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Madam Ani Yudhoyono attended the 2014 INACRAFT convention at the JCC.  The conference area was filled with participants and the stall on various arts and crafts.  In his opening speech, President Yudhoyono expressed the following hopes.

“Praise Allah today we are able to once again attend the opening of this year’s Inacraft. It is our prayer that today’s activities will bring great benefits for all of us, but especially benefits to our efforts to enhance our economy, especially the improvement of the prosperity of the arts and crafts maker of our beloved country”

“I, on behalf of the government and the country, wish to say congratulations to you, and congratulations to ASHEPI, also congratulations to the leaders and captains of industries, and especially to the arts and crafts makers because every years our arts and crafts continue to develop and improve. In fact our creative industries have also experienced significant growth and continue contributing to our national economy. It is for that reason, and at the same time pertaining to this year’s Inacraft, let me say again thank you”

“Thank you to ASHEPI, and chairman of ASHEPI Mr. Rudi Lengkong. Let me also thank the captains of our industries who have worked hard in the arts and crafts industries, the governor of Central Java with his team, and no doubt distinguished arts and crafts makers nationwide, and not less important our partners, our buyers, from many friendly countries who are also contributing to the success of Inacraft each year that we convene”

“Distinguished guests,Ladies and gentlemen,I personally and also alongside with Madam Ani yudhoyono, we love handicrafts. We both love very much Indonesian made products. And as Mr. Hatta Rajasa reminded us earlier: we like it and we love it, but we also buy it. We buy Indonesian made handicraft.  What I mean, I hope all of you here will be encouraged to purchase such national-made products. I observe Mr. Rudi Lengkong and my friends from ASEPI are always active in the handicraft industries. The future of handicrafts in Indonesia, the future of creative industries is very bright and promising in our own country. Don’t forget, the income per capita and the ability of our people to spend from year to year continue to increase in value. The consuming class in Indonesia also has grown. It grows continuously and will continue to grow even more in the years to come”

“All of these provide greater opportunity for our markets to expand, especially in goods and services—which also include handicrafts—and that means greater demand in this industry. For that reason, continue your efforts, work diligently, be creative and have the spirit to continue bringing improvement and greatness in the handicraft industry, to enter the domestic market and international market; and so that our national handicraft market can continue to grow”

“And at the same time I want to remind you to not only focus on the global markets, but also remember the handicraft markets and its need in our own country”

“Ladies and gentlemen, indeed it is true that market outside and exports are really important, and of course you should continue to consolidate and strengthen the market in Indonesia so that you may fulfil the demand of international market. As was explained by Mr. Rudi Lengkong and Mr. Hatta Rajasa earlier that wherever we can sell our products, wherever we can promote our products, we should expand and strengthen our efforts in those market. But remember, there needs to be assured quality, there needs to be a strong delivery system that is timely.  And it is also necessary to have products that are environmentally friendly”

“Remember, ladies and gentlemen, in international trade that is often what is called non-tariff barriers. It seems that such non-tariff barriers will impede the merchandise that is ignorant to these issues in international trade. For that reason, I am happy when I observe the sellers, creators, makers of handicrafts who consider environmentally friendly requirements in their productions”

“And as you also note, the economy is becoming more open. Indonesian economy is becoming more integrated with ASEAN as well as APEC. We are also now a member of the G20. For that reasons, we should also try to win in the global market competition. We must also enhance our competitiveness. Therefore we should provide goods and services efficiently and productively, and also with a competitive prices”

“Overseas creative industries and market are often seen as the economy that combines culture and technology. In Indonesia, it is not just that, but there are also other factors involved. Products of culture in Indonesia—like hand-made handicrafts—must learn from other countries regarding the development of creative industries especially concerning the use of technology like in East Asia, for example. I still remember, when I observe the creative industries in South Korea with Madam Mari Pangestu. And my friends also made case studies in Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China, and many other countries where they analyse the best practices in expanding their creative industries”

Finally, before concluding his speech, President conveyed one message to the participants of the INACRAFT 2014 in two languages

“Ojo lali lo yo tuku lo yo” — “You have the liberty to chose and buy our products” President SBY stated

This was the last time President SBY and Madam Ani attended the INACRAFT event and hoped that all stakeholders would continue promoting the development of handy crafts and creative industries to create more employment and prosperity.

 “and this my last opportunity as president to open this important event, INACRAFT. After almost every year, I have never missed an INACRAFT opening for ten years. Therefore, my prayers and hopes to you, and also from Bu Ani, so that you’d continue to progress and advance. We truly love Indonesian handycraft, and we truly love those handy craft makers”President SBY concluded before officially opening the event.


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