Peninjauan Pameran Hannover Messe 2023 di Hannover, Jerman, 17 April 2023

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Keterangan Pers Presiden Joko Widodo usai Peninjauan Pameran Hannover Messe 2023, 17 April 2023

Thank you, Chancellor  Scholz.

Indonesia is very honored to be the first ASEAN country to be selected as Hannover Messe partner country. This is the biggest and most important event for global industry and technology. This is an exhibition about the future. This is where the future holds. Making Indonesia 4.0, it’s a very relevant theme for Indonesia who is undergoing economic transformation as a key to increase productivity through industrial downstreaming and the green economy.

We also want to present Indonesia as a land of opportunity and as a future manufacturing hub that is always open for cooperation and for investment, for collective prosperity. The partnership between Germany and Indonesia can be an example as great North-South partnership that is equal and based on mutual respect and mutual benefit. This is the face of a partnership for the future, a partnership for a brighter future.

Once again, thank you Your Excellency Chancellor.  Thank you

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