Pertemuan dengan Delegasi EU-ASEAN Business Council, 28 November 2019, di Istana Merdeka, Provinsi DKI Jakarta

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Welcome to Jakarta,

I am happy to meet you Mr. Donald Kanak with the delegation.

I just returned from South Korea for ASEAN-Korea Summit and (a) bilateral (meeting) with President of South Korea. The discussion mainly focuses on business and investment. Through my discussion with Korean (businessmen),  there is a high expectation to strengthen partnership with ASEAN. This comes as no surprise. ASEAN economy is in (a) much better condition than the average global economy growth. Kristalina, Managing Director of (the) IMF, said that ASEAN is a bright spot in the world economy and in the time where developed countries face (an) aging society, ASEAN enjoys demographic dividend.

In the time when several developed countries choose protectionism, ASEAN has continued to open its economy. ASEAN economy will continue to grow as long as it maintains an ecosystem of peace as it has for the last 52 years. Partnering with ASEAN is a beneficial partnership.

I hope that business (people) from western countries also share the same views, including (those) from the EU. Business (people) from EU are no stranger to ASEAN; however, the determination and pace of the European business (people) are lagging behind its ASEAN counterpart.

I often (say) Europe continues to be conservative. The relation between Indonesia and the European Union is good. We have common position on many global issues. We both respect international law and principles. I must admit, ,however, on economic side we have experienced stumbling blocks. Indonesian’s palm oil continues to receive discrimination in terms of policy as well as from European companies.

Regretfully, our data and information conveyed by Indonesia and other palm oil producers does not receive the attention of the EU. Of course, Indonesia will not stand still with this discrimination. Negotiation on Indonesia-EU comprehensive economic partnership agreement will continue. Palm oil will certainly be part of it. ASEAN and EU have agreed to form a working group on palm oil. I hope the working group can contribute to resolve the issues of palm oil.

I would like to hear your views on how ASEAN and European Union can further strengthen economic cooperation.

Please the Excellency.

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