Pertemuan dengan Delegasi US-ASEAN Business Council, 5 Desember 2019, di Istana Merdeka, Provinsi DKI Jakarta

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Good morning,

Welcome to Jakarta Mr. Alexander C. Feldman and US-ASEAN Business Council Delegation.

This is a golden opportunity to exchange our views openly on the cooperation between Indonesia, ASEAN, and the US.

In 2018, ASEAN average economic growth was 5.1 percent, much higher than the global average. Indonesia’s economy in the last five years has grown by more than five percent.

Indonesia and ASEAN will sprint faster to gain growth and equal distribution. We are open for cooperation with any countries for mutually beneficial interest. In the current situation, the US presence in ASEAN countries in terms of politics, moreover economy is inevitable.

The US presence will not only benefit the US and ASEAN but also the stability, peace, and prosperity in the wider Indo-Pacific.

I note the relation between Indonesia and the US is quite strong, including on economic cooperation. The US is Indonesia’s fourth biggest trading partner. The US investment in Indonesia is almost US$1.2 billion. Indonesia and the US agreed to raise a trade volume of US$60 billion until 2024.

I hope US business (people) can optimize the opportunity to promote cooperation, especially on infrastructure and human capital development.

Pak Alex, please.

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