Pidato Presiden RI pada Ecosperity Week 2023, di Sands Expo and Convention Center, Singapura, 7 Juni 2023

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Pidato Presiden Joko Widodo pada Ecosperity Week 2023, 7 Juni 2023

Excellency Chairman Temasek Trust, Madam Ho Ching,
Excellency Chairman Temasek Holdings, Mr Lim Boon Heng,
Excellency Executive Director and CEO, Mr. Dilhan Pillay,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good morning. I am glad to be here and on this beautiful day, I would like to take the opportunity to ask you who will win next year’s presidential elections. Wrong speech. I am sorry, I apologize for the wrong speech, even if I know that all of you are curious about it.  I am sorry. But seriously our friends in Singapore know us so well that whoever will lead in Indonesia, will be focused on turning this magnificent country into the powerhouse and giant of Asia. So everything will be fine, no need to worry, your investment in Indonesia will continue to be safe.

And also, the continuity of Nusantara Capital City development, a world-class smart city surrounded by nature, green city with 65 percent Forrest, first carbon neutral city in Indonesia which has world-class educations and health facilities. Nusantara will be a comfortable city to live in and to do business. I know, housing prices here have recent very high, maybe living in Nusantara can become an option. Now development is ongoing, basic infrastructure and center of government will be finished next year, using National Budget. And for the private sector for early phase, we have prepared 300 investment packages total value USD2.6 billion in various fields, housing, transportation, energy, technology, and others.

Then, there is another question about minimum population level. Don’t worry. Indonesia has the world’s fourth largest population. It will not be difficult to populate a world-class city. Then, there is another question about incentives. Easy. Easy lah. I was also a businessman. Don’t worry. We have prepared fiscal incentives, tax holidays, non-collected value-added tax, super deduction tax, import duty. We have done everything, especially regarding green energy and green industry, we will facilitate it as best as we can. Because we believe economic success and sustainability must be worked on together.

That’s why the first thing we had built in Nusantara is botanical centre, nursery center with capacity of 16 million seeds per year in Rumpin and then 15 million seeds per year in Mentawir. Indonesia is seriously committed in energy transition. We have very big potential in new and renewable energy nearly 434,000 gigawatts from geothermal, wind, solar, biofuel, and hydro. Let me give you an example of hydro potential. We have 4,400 potential rivers, 128 of them are large rivers, for example, Kayan River in Kalimantan, that is green energy source for the green industrial park in North Kalimantan. There is huge potential to produce green products from the green industry that currently serves as prioritized in sector of industrial downstreaming, solar panel in battery manufacturing industry and electric vehicle manufacturing industry.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
What else are you waiting for? Edelman Trust Barometer has just published a survey public confidence in conducting business in Indonesia, is at a high level, second place after China, once again, second place after China. And admit the global uncertainty, Indonesia’s economy is growing consistently above 5 percent. Last year we grew 5.3 percent. The first quarter of this year we grow 5.03 percent. Inflation is maintained at save level, on May 4 percent year on year, on May 4 percent year on year. Balance of trade has been in surplus for 36 straight months, last year our trade surplus USD54,5 billion. Social political stability has been stable.

So now, all remain is for you to jump on board and join with us together to become a multi-trillion dollar economy. So, I suggest you don’t wait too long, don’t just sit and watch. This is a golden opportunity that is very captivating in Indonesia which all of you can be part of.
Thank you.

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