President SBY and Chairman of NAM-Iran President Rouhani Coordinate efforts to Rally Support for Palestine

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teleponOn the 11th July 2014, President SusiloBambangYudhoyono received the phone call of Iranian President HasanRouhani, who was also calling as Chair of the Non Aligned Movement (NAM) to discuss the situation in Palestine.

Earlier in the day, President SBY chaired a Cabinet Meeting to discuss three things, namely the follow up to the Presidential elections, the situation in Palestine and also focusing effort of the government for the last 100 days of office.  On the situation on Palestine, President Yudhoyono and Indonesia condemned the attack on Gaza strip.

“The Israel military strikes have gone too far; it is not proportional (response) and have resulted in many civilian casualties” President Yudhoyono stated.

Having heard the situation report by Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa, President Yudhoyono instructed the use of further multilateral diplomacy, by engaging the countries of the NAM and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to work closer together so that the United Nations Security Council could produce a peaceful resolution.

“I hope that Iran as Chair of the Non Aligned Movement can do something to prevent the violence occurring in the Gaza strip” President Yudhoyono stated to Iranian President Rouhani in their phone discussions.

President Yudhoyonofurther conveyed Indonesia’s position on the recent developments in Palestine and offered four objectives that should be pursued. They were:

1. Military aggressions of Israel must be stopped;

2. Cease-fire must be taken;

3. The cycle of violence must end;

4. Provision of humanitarian assistance to the brothers and sisters in Palestine.

President Yudhoyonohoped this objectives could be the basis for all Non Aligned Movement leaders to pursue when addressing the situation in Palestine.

“Indonesia will do its utmost to cooperate with other countries to achieve those objectives” President Yudhoyono stated.

President Rouhani also conveyed that Iran had submitted a first draft for a NAM Leaders Statement and hoped for Indonesia’s support on the text.

“Mr. President, Indonesia supports fully the statement that is to be issued by the chairman of the Non Aligned Movement” President Yudhoyono stated. The drafting was then continued through the Foreign Ministers before being published.

Other matters discussed in the phone call included bilateral issues.  Before concluding, both leaders expressed their best wishes for both the people of Iran and Indonesia

“Mr. President, I also thank you. Iran is our close friend and strong partner. And I wish you all the best Mr. President in leading Iran for the better future” President Yudhoyono stated.

“Thank you Mr. President, I also wish you prosperity for Your Excellency and the great people of Indonesia. Thank you very much” President Rouhani replied.

That very night Foreign Minister of Indonesia Dr Marty Natalegawa conducted a phone discussion with the Palestinian counterpart Minister Riyadh al-Maliki and conveyed Indonesia’s position and intentions to assist the country.

In reply, Minister Maliki conveyed his appreciation for President Yudhoyono’s  and Indonesia’s leadership role in supporting Palestine and thanked the government of Indonesia’s humanitarian assistance of $1 million dollars.


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